Book Donations

Judith’s Reading Room is actively seeking new or gently read books for babies ages 0 to 5!

Judith’s Reading Room acquires books for Judith’s Reading Room’s libraries and troop shipments through various different sources, including:

  • Financial Donations
  • Donations from Authors and Publishers
  • Book Fairs
  • Personal Home Collections ***
  • Community Book Drives***

*** See Gently Read Books below.

A key principle of Judith’s Reading Room is making the appropriate book selections for our intended recipients. Donations of our libraries and book collections are made throughout the United States and globally around the world. At Judith’s Reading Room we respect the diversity and the cultural sensitivities of the organizations and people we serve.

Please see our Judith’s Reading Room Reading List for ideas (by no means is this inclusive).

Judith’s Reading Room is happy to acknowledge your gift with a tax-deductible receipt, upon request.

New Books

We gladly welcome new books and financial contributions to purchase new books. At various times Judith’s Reading Room holds book drives at Barnes and Noble and other booksellers to provide our libraries with a selection of new books.

Gently Read Books

Judith’s Reading Room gladly accepts very gently-read books for babies from 0 to 5. Judith’s Reading Room prides itself on collecting and re-distributing gently read paperback and hardcover books of the highest quality.

***Unfortunately at this time we are not in need of used books other than books for babies ages 0 to 5.   

We seek books that are from personal home collections – books that you would be proud to donate to  a child who has never owned a book. So before dropping off your attic or great yard sale finds please read the following.

We do not accept:

  • Damaged Books (missing covers, broken bindings, missing pages, soiled,musty, moldy, written or scribbled in, shabby paperbacks)
  • Readers Digest Books
  • Reference, Text Books or Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Cookbooks
For questions or to arrange your book donation, contact Judith’s Reading Room today!


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