International Day of the Book – Resita City, Romania

Dominique Zara, municipal librarian in Resita City, Romania celebrated the International Day of the book and the Day of English that took place on April 23 this year. Some children at daycare centers in the city who implemented hours of English came to the Judith’s Reading Room liInternational Day of The Bookbrary to read together andInternational Day of The Book enjoy the beautiful books.

“I attached some pictures from our activities. I was happy to had some teenage volunteers participate in this acționează. They were from Italy, Belgia and Spain. They come in our town for 1 year and they wanted to come to our library to assist in Celebrating The International Day of the book.”

On September 8, 2014, UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, five libraries were dedicated in Resita City, Romania. The five libraries, one of which is named the Judith’s Reading Room Library, serves 70,000 residents. The request from municipal librarian, Dominique Zara, is for a total of 6,000-7,000 books, including books to teach English to city politicians. Her goal with respect to that audience is to demonstrate that a library is an indispensable asset in a city and that librarians can do great things for all citizens.

Dominique is a librarian who Walks the Talk, Read more librarian-walks-the-talk

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Cracking Open the Universe

The documentary, “Cracking Open the Universe,” you are about to view, is emblematic of the mission of Judith’s Reading Room, the Producer of this film. This film, as the embodiment of that mission, “Freedom Through Literacy,” demonstrates the sociological impact of literacy to promote peaceful human interaction. The vehicle employed to facilitate that peaceful human interaction is the Book Club, and the empowering fuel is Literacy.

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USS CARL VINSON receives 2 Boxes of Books!

On Dec. 22 Judith’s Reading Room shipped two boxes of children’s books to the amphibious carrier the USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70), home to 5,000 troops. This first shipment will help establish a children’s book resource center to support the Navy’s program, “United Through Reading,” which allows sailors to read a book aloud, be taped, and have the tape sent home. According to naval sources, this program is the #1 morale booster for sailors. For those sailors whose wives give birth while they are out to sea, the tape recording of their voice is the first time a newborn can hear their father’s voice. A Judith’s Reading Room library will be officially dedicated on the carrier in early 2015.

New Library in Tunica, Mississippi!

Judith’s Reading Room opened a library containing 257 children’s books worth $2,280 in Tunica, Mississippi. Mississippi is the organization’s 7th state. The Rev. Dr. Leoda Topps, a Ph.D. and former teacher who is Pastor of St. Peter’s AME Church in Tunica, will manage the library meant to serve, initially, 20 children aged 4-15 years of age. Tunica is a poverty-stricken town, where the citizens received running water just 10 years ago. The children, will have a chance to explore literature for the first time and their parents will be able to actively participate in the process by giving feedback. With the books, the children will be able to increase their reading level, improve their academic ability and develop social skills. It is the organization’s 86th library in the 7th state.