Based in eastern Pennsylvania, Judith’s Reading Room actively supports not-for-profit organizations in the northeast region, across the United States and around around the world, in order to spark creativity and imagination by providing outstanding literature.

Judith’s Reading Room Custom Library

A donation of a Judith’s Reading Room custom library may be a permanent library or consist of a book cart, fully stocked with carefully chosen books hand-picked to meet the needs of the particular individuals served by the nonprofit organization. A donation by Judith’s Reading Room may also consist of boxes of books – adult and/or children’s books – for example, we ship boxes of books to VA hospitals and to active-duty military around the world in support of their well-being and/or to support their mission to build schools by supplying them with books.

Judith’s Reading Room mobile libraries support the idea that every person deserves access to literature, which has the power to transport and transform. Our goal is to provide literacy-rich environments that serve people who are not mobile for any reason, including elderly in nursing homes, urban communities and U.S. military.

The goal to create custom libraries has tested our ingenuity.

Book Donations

Judith’s Reading Room acquires books for JRR’s libraries and troop shipments through various different sources, including:

  • Donations from Authors and Publishers
  • Book Fairs
  • Personal Home Collections***
  • Community Book Drives***

A key principle of Judith’s Reading Room is making the appropriate book selections for our intended recipients. Donations of our libraries and book collections are made throughout the United States and globally around the world. At Judith’s Reading Room we respect the diversity and the cultural sensitivities of the organizations and people we serve.   Before donating books, please see our page on  Book Donations…

Boxing Parties

The goal to create custom libraries has tested our ingenuity. Our main collection activity is called the “Boxing Party.” Friends, co-workers and neighbors arrive at Judith’s Reading Room eager and willing to choose and box books for troops and our libraries abroad. These books are carefully selected for the readers who will receive them. The “boxers” then write personal messages about who gave the books and/or short notes about the assortment. Learn more on Boxing Parties…

VA 100 Program

Judith’s Reading Room serves our nation’s veterans by delivering hundreds of books every month to VA hospitals and by providing custom book collections for veterans rehabilitating from PTSD at the Veterans Sanctuary. Judith’s Reading Room’s “VA 100 Program” sends 100 paperback books EVERY MONTH to VA hospitals wishing to receive book shipments.

The “VA 100” hospitals include, in Pennsylvania the VA Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre, Coatesville Veteran’s Hospital, the VA in Altoona and the Library at Butler Healthcare. In New Jersey we ship to the VA in East Orange. Since November 9, 2010, Judith’s Reading Room has shipped 7,507 paperback books worth $65,300. An easy way of being able to participate in the VA 100 Program is participate in a Judith’s Reading Room Boxing Party.



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2010 through March 12, 2014

Judith's Reading Room
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73 Libraries Donated a total: 78,020 Books Worth: $782,946