2020 Freedom Through Literacy Application

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If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please be aware that the nominated person must know that they've been included in this application, as they will be required to fulfill the duties listed below.

Additional Documents (All files must be in .pdf format).

* If you are having trouble submitting, please check your file sizes. Total for the two files should not exceed 800 KB.

* If this is not possible or you are still having trouble, please submit the application without the additional documents and email them to awards@judithsreadingroom.org. Subject line should be last name entered in the application -application additional documents.

 We ask that you provide one letter of reference.

**If selected as a Judith’s Reading Room Freedom Through Literacy Award winner, we require that you agree to provide materials to use on Judith’s Reading Room’s website and social media.  Such materials can include:  video or photographs.  

Also required, a quote to use in our marketing materials. In addition you agree to provide updated information and materials on your project's impact and progress.  Judith's Reading Room continuously promotes award winners and their contribution to literacy.

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If you do not get confirmation please email awards@judithsreadingroom.org.  We will get back with you as soon as we can.