2023 Holiday Book Drive Announcement


CONTACT: Cathy Leiber

Kids Benefit from Barnes & Noble Holiday Book Drive

Judith’s Reading Room plans to establish kids’ book clubs

November 17, 2023 — Thanks to Barnes & Noble Wyomissing, Pa, Judith’s Reading Room will once again support schools and after school programs with children’s books.  For the 4th year in a row, this B&N location selected Judith’s Reading Room as its Holiday Book Drive Charity which runs from November to December 7th.

Most people have heard the words, “Book Club,” but how many relate those words with kids?  Since 2015, Judith’s Reading Room has been a  leading proponent of book clubs for children.  Why?  Because book clubs offer children the chance to discuss a book without judgment, listen to different opinions, assume leadership while asking probing questions and to generally understand what’s going on around them.

Judith’s Reading Room reported on the power of  kids’ book clubs  when it produced the documentary, ‘Cracking Open the Universe,’ that highlighted the importance of literacy as a significant protective factor for at-risk youth.  Featured at the 2015 LV Film Festival, it showcased the reality of children who come from families dealing with overwhelming issues such as loss of jobs, unsafe neighborhoods or family trauma.  At the invitation of the Children’s Home of Easton, Easton, Pa and Harkins’ House in Portland, Or, the organization’s film crew witnessed kids in the throes of book club sessions.  View the documentary HERE.

The Holiday Book Drive runs through December 7, 2023.  “Generous B&N customers are encouraged to donate a book at the check out counter and kids will get more than a book this year — they’ll get the unique, life-changing experience of participating in a book club,” said Cathy Leiber, President, Judith’s Reading Room.

Judith’s Reading Room’s mission is to enrich lives and societies by proactively encouraging freedom through literacy.  We have fulfilled that mission since 2010 by establishing 105 libraries in 23 countries (and counting!) with over 132,000 books donated.

To apply for the 2023 Judith’s Reading Room’s ‘Freedom Through Literacy Award’ and to learn more about its newest Awards, visit www.judithsreadingroom.org.


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