BASD’s Community Service Program

Bethlehem Area School District

 The Bethlehem Area School District’s Board of School Directors recently approved Judith’s Reading Room as part of  BASD’s community service program.

Community Service provides an opportunity for students to acquire life skills, develop leadership skills, and explore career choices. Beginning in 1990, the Bethlehem Area School District instituted a revised curriculum that included approved community service for all students.    Students receive credit upon completion of the required hours and may be considered for awards and honors. A special recognition, a silver cord, is presented to graduates with 135 hours for their distinguished service. More and more colleges are recognizing community service activities. Some offer scholarship opportunities for service.

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    We ask that you please make a donation to Judith’s Reading Room, in support of our ongoing recognition of what is being accomplished in the great world of literacy, as well as funding our shipment of children’s books, both domestically and internationally.