Librarian “Walks the Talk”

Reading in Resita City, Romania

The story here is that one fabulous librarian “walks the talk” when encouraging children to learn to read! Dominique Zara, municipal librarian in Restia City, Romania who is on maternity leave shared these wonderful photos of her 11 month old daughter and “she really love to read her but more than this she love to watch books herself. And I am very proud of her and happy because of this books she knows all the animals and plants and many things!”.
On September 8, 2014, UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, five libraries were dedicated in Resita City, Romania. The five libraries, one of which is named the Judith’s Reading Room Library, serves 70,000 residents. The request from municipal librarian, Dominique Zara, is for a total of 6,000-7,000 books, including books to teach English to city politicians. Her goal with respect to that audience is to demonstrate that a library is an indispensable asset in a city and that librarians can do great things for all citizens.
Dominique told me that the 5 Judith’s Reading Room libraries in Resita City continue to provide opportunities for children to learn English.  When she returns to work from maternity leave she will institute a reading program for the elderly and children.

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