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Sunday’s Morning Call Feature

Today’s Sunday Morning Call feature! Judith’s Reading Room spreads the ABC’s of literacy! A great article!

mc-judithsrr001-jpg-20131130Judith’s Reading Room has come a long way since its origins in Scott and Cathy Leiber’s Williams Township home.

Not very long geographically, mind you. It is now headquartered in a modest back office on East Third Street in south Bethlehem.

But the books that are its reason for being — the whole spectrum of literature from “Amelia Bedelia” to “Zombie Apocalypse” — have made their way from that nondescript spot to Mazer-Sharif in Afghanistan and Korce in Albania and Padang in Indonesia and a host of other places hardly anyone could pinpoint on a map.

They have also landed closer to home, at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital, St. Luke’s KidsCare and many other institutional settings: children’s homes, veterans hospitals, senior centers.

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