Books Purchased for Board Option Prize Winner, Charmaine Tsosie

Hello Erin, Charmaine and Amber,

Thank you so very much, Charmaine, for providing me with your “wish list” of book titles and some favorite authors to help you launch the Mobile Library for Chinle.  As you can imagine it was not easy to find all of them, but I did my very best thanks to the help of the Barnes & Noble manager who also made some fabulous recommendations.
Attached is the curated list of 63 books Judith’s Reading Room purchased yesterday based on your recommendations and input.  You will see that many of the books are Newbery Honor Books and John Newbery Medal winners.  I tried to get several books in series; I tried to get a good distribution of books:  boys/girls; younger kids/high school kids; graphic novels, too.  The total cost of the books was $640.  With our nonprofit discounts, the cost to Judith’s Reading Room was $504.  
Each book has a name plate identifying the book as having been donated by Judith’s Reading Room.  We have also enclosed 70 bookmarks.

On behalf of all of us with Judith’s Reading Room, once again please accept our sincere congratulations for winning one of the 2020 Board Option Prizes.  We look forward to working with you long into the future.

News, News and more news from 2020 Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Chris McGilvery for meriting this coverage!!

Email from 2020 Grand Prize Winner Chris McGilvery!
Hi Cathy,

Hope you are having a good week. I am so honored to be the grand prize winner and represent Judith Krug’s legacy. What an honor. Please let the board know how appreciative I am and look forward to living out her legacy for my lifetime. 🙂 Have a great day!

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Kindly, Chris McGilvery
Founder and Executive Director

The news, news and more news….

From West Texas A&M University – Literacy Nonprofit Founded by WT Staffer Wins National Award

From Literacy Nonprofit Founded by WT Staffer Wins National Award

From News Channel 10: Nationally recognized Canyon-based literacy program taking application

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