Judith’s Reading Room Opens 104th Library


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Judith’s Reading Room Opens 104th Library in West Africa’s Ivory Coast
Commitment to global literacy fuels the PA literacy nonprofit organization

October 31, 2022 — Judith’s Reading Room, a literacy nonprofit founded in 2010, based in eastern Pennsylvania, announced today that it has established its 104th Judith’s Reading Room Library in its 23rd country: the Ivory Coast, West Africa.

For a decade, Judith’s Reading Room has responded to the “cry for help” from Peace Corps volunteers, Universities and literacy nonprofits in their quest to obtain books in English to achieve their assigned mission: get books into classrooms in Africa.

In fact, the organization has dedicated nine libraries in six African nations including Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and today the Ivory Coast. Since 2012, more than 100,000 children across Africa have benefitted from learning English through books donated by Judith’s Reading Room.

The 104th Judith’s Reading Room library is dedicated in collaboration with the Ivory Coast nonprofit Education & English For You, and its CEO and founder, Toti Jean-Marc Yale, a Judith’s Reading Room 2022 Freedom Through Literacy ‘Honorable Mention’ Award winner. His program promotes early childhood education, gender equality and English on a voluntary basis.

“The Little Red Hen, Boy and the Donkey, The Rabbit and the Turtle, are among 150 titles hand-picked by Yale’s organization to serve as a springboard for the promotion of English literacy in this French speaking West African country,” said Cathy Leiber, President, Judith’s Reading Room.

“On behalf of all kids from our community, Anono, and our organization, Education and English for You, we say a Big Thanks for the donation of 150 English books for our library,” said Yale. He added, “Judith’s Reading Room remains from today, a springboard for our community students because of this great privilege to discover, read, travel, learn, acquire new knowledge through the diverse books we received. This is why Judith’s Reading Room is the source of happiness for all kids of this world, thanks to the support of the books they distribute each year.”

Judith’s Reading Room

Judith’s Reading Room was founded in 2010 in the memory of the founders’ first cousin, Judith F. Krug, who served as Director of Intellectual Freedom for the American Library Association for 40 years. The organization’s mission is to enrich lives and societies by proactively encouraging freedom through literacy. We have fulfilled that mission by establishing 104 libraries (and counting!) in 23 countries with 132,000 books worth $1,421,000.

The Freedom Through Literacy Award, established in 2015 honors individual champions of literacy from all disciplines around the world — teachers, librarians, authors, researchers, nonprofit literacy organizations, educators — anyone who has done exemplary work to instill in others a love of reading. To date, the organization has disbursed $48,500 in cash awards to 47 individual champions of literacy. Winners hail from 14 countries, including nine states in the United States. Applications for the 2023 Freedom Through Literacy Award are available at www.judithsreadingroom.org <https://www.judithsreadingroom.org/> beginning November 1, 2022.

The Founders’ Award, inaugurated in September 2022, is a cash prize at the discretion of Judith’s Reading Room co-founders, Scott and Cathy Leiber, to honor literacy heroes who have had to overcome immense obstacles in order to enrich lives through literacy. Ms. Basarat Kazim, Alif Laila Book Bus Society, Lehore, Pakistan and Ms. Simon Ke, Anjali House, Siem Reap, Cambodia are the recipients of the 2022 Award, each winning a cash prize of $1,000.

The Literacy Chair Award, inaugurated in October 2022, is in honor of a champion of literacy nominated by a Judith’s Reading Room member of the Board of Directors. Dr. Lisette Caesar, founder and past-principal of Mosaic Preparatory Academy in East Harlem, NY is the recipient of the 2022 Literacy Chair Award.

The organization chose Storytime Crafts, a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts to create the inaugural chair. Storytime creates beautifully crafted decoupage chairs, based on children’s books selected by their clients. The Snowy Day was Dr. Lisette Caesar’s favorite childhood book. The chair illustrates the power of literacy through art and is meant to inspire reluctant readers to explore a different way of reading a book. Dr. Liz’s chair has been permanently placed in the Mosaic Preparatory Academy school library.

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