Three more Camel Libraries in Pakistan!

Three more camel libraries and more to come… read onward…

Well, Judith’s Reading Room got it right when in voting Basarat as our 1st Freedom Through Literacy Award! She continues to thrill and we hope this message touches your heart as it did ours.  Enjoy the new photos as well!

Dear Cathy,

Thank you to Judith’s Reading Room for starting something so beautiful for Pakistan’s children.

Roshan, and the 1st camel library in Pakistan has warmed the hearts and imagination of people all over the world and been covered by international media with such interest that there has been an opening of so many doors for children in remote areas of Pakistan.

Three more camel libraries are running in Gwadar, Balochistan and Tharparkar, Sindh. We have funds to set up two more, and will start work on them after the Eid holidays.

Roshan now has three more friends,
Aman ( Peace), Raunaq ( Jovial) Chiragh ( Light); Khushi ( Happiness) and Umeed ( Hope) are on their way.

And all this in a short time period; Roshan was launched in October 2020.

My warmest and very best to all at Judith’s Reading Room.


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